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Edge computing

Empowering tomorrow's digital world with Edge computing excellence

Edge CDN services powering performance and SEO excellence

Welcome to our cutting-edge Edge CDN services, where we seamlessly merge technology with strategy to optimise your online presence. Our holistic approach goes beyond traditional content delivery, ensuring blazing-fast performance and unlocking your website's full potential. 

EDGE CDN services

From seamless monitoring to intelligent data pipelining, we cover every aspect to enhance your online experience.

Monitoring & data pipelining from CDN/EWs

Stay ahead of the curve with our real-time monitoring and data pipelining services. We ensure the smooth flow of information between your Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Edge Workers (EWs). This synergy guarantees optimal performance, reduced latency, and an uninterrupted user experience.

Edge Apps & architecture development

Discover the potential of Edge Apps and architecture development. We harness the power of edge computing to create personalised experiences for your users. By deploying apps closer to your audience, we deliver content faster, enhancing engagement and conversions.

Edge A/B testing

Unlock the power of data-driven decisions with our Edge A/B testing capabilities. Test different versions of your content at the edge, gaining insights into user preferences and behavior. Make informed adjustments that resonate with your audience and drive conversions.

SEO-friendly caching strategies

Enhance your search engine visibility with our SEO-friendly caching strategies. By intelligently storing frequently accessed content, we reduce load times and improve your website's overall performance. This proactive approach not only delights your users but also boosts your SEO rankings.

Edge redirects & rewrite management

Navigational fluidity is paramount. Our Edge CDN Services seamlessly handle redirects and rewrites, ensuring your users find the content they need without unnecessary disruptions. This not only enhances user experience but also contributes to your SEO efforts.

SEO-friendly image and bot management

Images are worth a thousand words, especially in the digital realm. Our Edge CDN Services ensure your images are optimised for both user experience and search engines. Additionally, we manage bots effectively, ensuring they crawl and index your site efficiently while preserving your resources.

Edge App solutions for SEO (sitemaps & schema)

Leverage our Edge App solutions tailored to SEO needs. We assist in creating optimised sitemaps and structured schema markup, enabling search engines to understand and index your content accurately. Elevate your search engine visibility with our comprehensive approach.

We are not just delivering content; we're crafting exceptional digital experiences that empower your brand. Our Edge CDN services elevate your website performance, boost organic search visibility, and create a seamless connection between technology and strategy. Join us on this transformative journey to redefine your online presence.

Ready to optimise your digital footprint? Contact us today to learn more about how our Edge CDN services can revolutionise your online strategy.



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How we made it work for eBay

Group 8.png

What was the challenge?

The client needed to depreciate part of their product platform but retain the inbound links for SEO value. This couldn’t be done with global catch-all rules on the origin server.

What did we do?

We built a process to manage millions of 1-2-1 redirects using Edge/CDN functionality in Akamai. Link destinations updated dynamically from API end-points on the client platform to keep the links relevant for end users.

What were the results?

This solution has become a key part of SEO product development, giving them improved SEO visibility and performance improvements of ~900ms on new redirects.

Partners we've helped

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