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Data & reporting

Harnessing insights for digital success

Empower your insights by unleashing the potential of data

We recognise the power of data in driving informed decisions and shaping successful digital strategies. Our data services are tailored to extract, analyse, and transform data into actionable insights, empowering your business for growth.

Data & reporting services

Explore our range of data services, where strategic insights and advanced tools converge to maximise your data's potential.

& analytics

Our Reporting and Analytics services go beyond numbers; we craft stories from data. We provide detailed performance reports that elucidate trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement. These reports serve as guides for refining strategies and aligning with business objectives.

SaaS tool data pipelining/connectors

Unify your data sources seamlessly with our SaaS Tool Data Pipelining and Connector services. We integrate diverse data streams into a centralized hub, facilitating comprehensive analysis and yielding holistic insights for strategic decisions.

Dashboard design & development

Efficient decision-making relies on clear visualization. Torque excels in crafting interactive dashboards using tools like Google Data Studio and Looker. Our dashboards deliver a comprehensive view of key metrics, enabling real-time insights and informed actions.

Analytics auditing
(Google Analytics)

Data accuracy is paramount. Our Analytics Auditing focuses on evaluating and fine-tuning your Google Analytics setup. We ensure data integrity, enabling you to make well-grounded decisions based on trustworthy insights.

Data ingestion & warehousing projects

Collecting and storing data effectively is pivotal for accurate analysis. Torque specializes in designing data ingestion pipelines and implementing robust data warehousing solutions. This infrastructure ensures seamless data flow and accessibility for meaningful insights.

Data tools
& solutions

Unlock the potential of data with our specialised Data Tools and Solutions. Whether it's custom tool development or optimising existing solutions, we tailor data tools to your specific needs, enabling you to extract maximum value from your data.

We are committed to harnessing the power of data to drive digital success. Our data services offer a suite of solutions that transform raw data into actionable insights, guiding your business towards growth. Contact us today to explore how our data expertise can shape your strategic decisions.



Elevating brands through comprehensive strategies, from auditing to training.



Accelerating digital excellence, one partnership at a time.



From Edge computing to empowered dashboards, we drive digital progress.


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What was the challenge?

The client required a strategic assessment of their online performance, to support the business case for a migration to a new CMS platform.

What did we do?

Using our auditing process, we carefully analysed the SEO, content, and page speed performance of the brand websites. This was presented back to senior stakeholders within the client’s business including a Q&A session.

What were the results?

The process clearly demonstrated that migrating to the new CMS would bring substantial benefits for organic traffic that was forecast into revenue growth for the business.

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