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Auditing services

Uncover your digital potential

Elevate your digital strategy with auditing services for seamless growth

We understand that a robust digital presence begins with a solid foundation. Our auditing services dive deep into your digital ecosystem, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities. Our experts ensure your strategy aligns with business goals and industry best practices.

Digital auditing services

Explore our comprehensive auditing services to optimise your digital presence, enhance performance, and uncover new opportunities for growth.

EDGE (Edge computing) audit

As EDGE pioneers, our audit ensures your architecture aligns with business goals. Enhance content delivery and user experiences with EDGE. Benefit from reduced latency, faster load times, and site reliability. Our audit provides practical suggestions, or chose our EDGE Services for  a seamless transition.


Website performance is pivotal. Our performance audit analyses load times, responsiveness, and user experience. By rectifying performance bottlenecks, we elevate engagement and site performance. We can offer actionable insights for improvements or stand by your side throughout the journey.

SEO audit

Our comprehensive Technical SEO Audit optimizes your website's backend for search engines and user experience. We evaluate site architecture, mobile-friendliness, speed, and indexability. By addressing technical issues, we enhance visibility and user journeys. We provide actionable roadmaps for self-implementation or offer ongoing support.

SEO audit

Content fuels success. Our Content SEO audit assesses content quality, relevance, and alignment. We analyse keyword usage, structure, and engagement metrics for better resonance with both search engines and audiences. Our audit offers practical content strategy enhancements you can implement independently or with our ongoing guidance.

Our auditing services offer actionable insights, recommendations, and roadmaps with industry-leading expertise guiding you to visibility, engagement, and conversions. Whether you lead changes independently or opt for ongoing support, Torque empowers your digital journey. Contact us today to explore your digital potential.



Elevating brands through comprehensive strategies, from auditing to training.



Accelerating digital excellence, one partnership at a time.



From Edge computing to empowered dashboards, we drive digital progress.


How we made it work for ebay

Group 8.png

What was the challenge?

The client needed a strategic assessment of their online performance, to support the business case for a migration to a new CMS platform.

What did we do?

Using our auditing process, we looked carefully at the SEO, content and page speed performance of the brand websites. This was presented back to senior stakeholders within the client’s business, with Q&A session.

What were the results?

The process clearly showed that migrating to the new CMS would bring substantial benefits for organic traffic, forecast into revenue growth for the business.

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